whitehills follow up with fish!

Thanks to wes , and others we hit whitehills beach about 12 midday yesterday.

The tide was going down , which made it fun driving on the damp high tide mark, on the gq

i usually go for 20psi front and about 15psi rear, as a starting point , for my beach driving , never had a problem

at that , The conditions were great, too great for tailor i thought, but hey you just go with it sometimes.

Stopped at the spot , thanks wes, and the herring were like bloody piranhas! haha.

Every cast , the buggers were into it . Dont mind herring but today we were after bigger fare.

About 5 we moved abit south, and landed a good sized salmon trout, sort of a half salmon if you like.

Then within 10 mins we landed 2 more, all the same size , and they pulled better than a tailor of the same size.

Stayed till 6 , no tailor, maybe later into the dark they may have come  in with the high tide.

From the spot all the way to preston very weedy, so the north half is the goods atm.

crappy picture but just to show the size of the 1/2 salmon.



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nice 1 cheers for the

Thu, 2012-07-19 19:24

nice 1 cheers for the report



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Nice 1 quad

Thu, 2012-07-19 20:54

 Looks like a decent sesh considering the tide and weed good to see the mighty GQ in the backdrop 

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Tyre pressures

Thu, 2012-07-19 21:17

You said that you run 20 psi in the front and 15 in rears, When working on salmon teams when we were on the beach for months  we used to do the opposite because then the softer fronts would pad down the sand making it easier for the rears, hence the higher pressure.

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my favorite subject, what have you done?

Thu, 2012-07-19 21:41

can of worms mate! haha

Your explaination is good, and in the beginning of beach fishing , I like most ran even pressures back and front.

Call it lazyness , but i tried leaving the fronts higher to save time pumping up and didnt notice much difference.

However this only works of course in medium soft sand, not the power sapping impossible type stuff found around

the big sandpit ( wa )

My reasoning too is I tow a trailer with quad most places I fish (gero , albany ,  2 rocs ) and on flat beachs

seem to have no probs. However on access tracks to these places you encounter soft wind blows and those

dreaded diagnal humps usually going up hills.

no one has trouble going downhill in these areas cause gravitys on your side, so when going uphill

the wieght transfer loads up the rear wheels and at the same time the trailer is pulling downhill with gravity.

Therefor i use 5-10 psi less in the rears compared to the fronts, with the advantage that the steer tyres

, the ones more likely to roll of the rim with lower pressures, stays higher.

but youve got me thinking but-------




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Good Sesh

Fri, 2012-07-20 13:45

Not a bad spot that section of beach. A few young salmon fillets for dinner.

Looking at headine down tomorrow.


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