Woodmans point boat locations

 i have recently upgraded from a tinny to a half cabin. I’m looking to explore more around garden and Carnac and have seen lots of boats head out to five fathom bank.

do you fish on the bank or east or west of it? What are main species out there?

in between Carnac and garden is that any good for fishing? Do you fish on the reef or sand?

I use the same old running sinker rig most of the time, any time I have tried lures I have come up with nothing.

i use light gear upto 10kg but might have to upgrade as I have been snapped off the last couple of times.

i am a pro at catching butterfish

mainly after squid, whiting, herring and snapper.

i am just starting to eat fish as my 16 month old son loves fish, my wife does t eat it.

i have only ever fished for the fun of it but never done much boat fishing except for the past few years.

any tips on rigs or what to look for would be great. 

I only really drift as I find anchoring I’m always on a shit spot. What is a decent burley? I just throw out that packet mix stuff.

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 anywhere on sand between

Wed, 2019-01-02 20:20

 anywhere on sand between garden and the 5 there is a good chance of whiting and flatties. they will be smaller but still there. using a basic paternosta with 2 hooks . if you venture out to the 30mtr mark the whiting are bigger as well as flatties. you may also nab the odd decent kg . to get the snapper and other bigger fish you would be better off just on the outside of the 5 , anchor up and get a burley trail going early morning and in the evening . 

hope this helps.


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 Awesome so best to anchor up

Wed, 2019-01-02 20:42

 Awesome so best to anchor up and try burley to attract the fish. Should I just chuck out cut up Millie’s for burley? I guess it’s just the part of fishing is trying to find them. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Do the winds die And seas calm down after summer? 

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 Hi mate, does your boat have

Wed, 2019-01-02 20:56

 Hi mate, does your boat have a sounder/fish finder? Best thing I did was figure out how to use that. Obviously to find fish but mainly understand what type of ground you are on. Plenty good stuff online on the subject and also a good book by John Adams I think called 'how to use a fish finder'. Also try downloading navionics on your phone or you can access online for free. Some people have shared spots on there which may be somewhere to try at least, look for the little red fish symbols. Another good book is 'fishing the wild west'. Pretty old but some great info on rigs and where to find certain species. Hope that helps a bit. Happy hunting.

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 Yeah I have a little Garmin

Wed, 2019-01-02 21:07

 Yeah I have a little Garmin fishfinder, it doesn’t have maps just waypoint. I would love a better one but on a poor mans budget haha. I’ll look up this navionics thing. Thanks heaps. I should probably shop at a proper tackle shop rather than bcf all the time but bcf is where I can spend my vouchers.