would a shimano 6500b baitrunner

be ok to use to try out some jigging for reds in about 40 odd meters of water,  (gnarloo)

running 30 or 50 lb braid can't remeber which.

on a shake ugly stick 15-37kg 6 ft boat road.


or should I use an overhead either a tld 25 on a backbone 15kg with 50 braid  or a tld50 2 speed running 80 lb mono on a 37 kj SHIMANO RIAD


I have a couple of lucanus jigs in pinks reds and gold blue 180-200g and a pink 300gr wiliamson knife.


Just wanting tpo try it out and see how it goes against the others on my boat using bait.  '


Any suggestions ideas etc much appreciated. 

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I'd suggest using the

Sat, 2010-04-03 20:30

I'd suggest using the overhead with the lucanus.

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The TLD 25 with braid on the

Sat, 2010-04-03 21:45

The TLD 25 with braid on the 15kg backbone would be my pick....

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Really? I used a 6500 for a

Sun, 2010-04-04 18:11


I used a 6500 for a bit before upgrading and found it ok. Lucanus jigs work best slowly so you wont be jigging them hard.

I would get tired of hanging onto a TLD25 pretty quickly.


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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its all personal preference.

Sun, 2010-04-04 18:51

its all personal preference. Im a spin fan and still prefer to jig with spin. I just feel its more fun with the comfortable versatility of arm movement. Though if deep, then overhead more practical. The baitrunner 6500 would do the job, but not on heavy line class as spool capacity would be an issue. But yea, whats comfortable for you is the most important mate. Better off bringing both on the water, borrow an outfit if need be, then see which you rather.

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Sun, 2010-04-04 19:00

I'll have them all on board.  As most of the fishing is in 40 meters water then either will be ok.  Will probably try the 6500 first as easy to manage a spin over an overhead