one or two hooks for demersal fish

Hey guys quite new to jigging have recently purchaced a new jigging combo for demersals,a saltiga s-extreme 4500 spin reel and a nice little diawa catalina to match have started recently using jigs ,i started off using the shimano lucanus with great success with the first time out landing a 5kg pinkie,two of the biggest leatherjackets ive ever seen and a 8 kg queen snapper,i was blown time out my jigs were getting destroyed by something with teeth so i decided to give a zest knife jig a go with no reel confidence and any idea how to work them.,but after about an hour of jigging i had a solid hookup and it turned out to be a small dhue ,it was size but was released as it was just so exciting to catch one on a jig.i am hooked now and cant wait to get out this weekend to try out some of my new  jigs,just wondering weather to run two assist hooks or oneCool

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Jigging Info!

Tue, 2010-03-30 20:20

I've tried singles & doubles and prefer singles by far for swimming action especially in smaller jigs. Owner assists ideal, length of assist no more than half way down!

Better quality jigs are the way to go, Zest, Shout lighten, Shout stay and Andaman are my favs'. A range of jigs in weight and action a must, correct weight for depth of water and drift/current and last but not least jigging action!

Hard one to explain properly, but I prefer with baitfish style of jigs (especially rear weighted) and short jigging action ie twitch rod up (short lift) and wind all slack as rod is getting lowered quickly (faster rate)

Centre weighted jigs (flutterers) a quick lift of my rod and wind up a small amout of slack only as lowering the rod which is keeping the jig in the area/strike zone more which is good on slower drift or when they're fussy!

Zest baitfish jig, 120grams, 40m of water.......metro!

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Cheers for the advice

Wed, 2010-03-31 19:04

Cheers for the advice ryan,was down your shop last weekend and purchased a new fisherman anderman and am looking forward to the weekend to give it a crack Tongue out

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Pretty partial to the Decoy

Tue, 2010-03-30 20:38

Pretty partial to the Decoy Dancing Jack-88. in shallower. Kasey fixed me up with them awhile back.

They're paired assists, fairly fine gauge, but have taken everything i've thrown at them so far - probably not for greyband though.

Mpost of the rest of my gear has singles on them, a mix of decoy and owner.