Wrenching Fish From The Sea........

Have any of you guys ever experimented with using odd things to catch fish with while jigging other than using jigs?.

I caught this snapper the other day on the adjustable snapper......


Have caught several kingies to around 15-18kg on large ring spanners too. A few other guys here in NZ have used cut down towel rails, steel reinforcing rods for concrete, straightened out horse shoes and yep they catch fish too.

Anyone else used anything else out of the ordinary?

I bet Sambo's would love a juicy 24mm ring spanner! Wink



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One of the charter boats was

Thu, 2009-12-24 06:26

One of the charter boats was using a Barbie doll.  Shes party'd a bit too hard.  Now shes resigned as Samson escort to the stars.


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yer there was a sambo caught

Thu, 2009-12-24 07:30

yer there was a sambo caught on a big ringy a few weeks ago


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Thu, 2009-12-24 07:35


Here's vid of us a fair few years back catching sambo's on sinkers.  Spanner's got a bit expensive when they got you into the barges (if they did)


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