Your Favourite Combo

Just wondering what everyone's favourite rod/reel combo is? The one that caught that fish of the lifetime, the one thats stood the test of time? The one that didn't cost much but still did the job an expensive combo did?

Mine would have to be my Spheros 12000fa matched to an Ian Miller 15-24kg T-curve Jig Stick. Theres just something about a light short stick and hearing the screaming of the drag on those big sambo's that does it for me.

So whats your favourite?


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Wed, 2006-05-10 19:18

Gotta go the Penn 321 (lefty) on the Ugly Stick, that little baby has caught some awesome fish and believe me when I tell you it is light enough to fish all day without any sore arms (that is unless you catch a few sambo's then you will have sore arms no matter what).

Unfortunately the handle assembly has a bit of give in it (4 years old) and needs some work, so it has been retired to the second string behind the little Okuma Convector reel.(Lefty again)


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Mine would have to be my

Thu, 2006-05-11 00:43

Mine would have to be my Daiwa Heartland Z and Freams 2000 bream combo.....loved it to death. Well....literally. Reel is now well and truly worn out and rod.....snapped the tip off. So got another exact same one and a new bright orange Daiwa to match. Thats my new favourite combo. This yr alone has caught me numerous bream to 1.7kg, some bonitos, tonnes of skippies and a few salmon to 6kg. And this is only a 4kg bream outfit....which I initially bought it for.

And YES this is a expensive expensive.......old one was $ one is $600




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too many to choose....

Fri, 2006-05-19 09:13

too many to choose just one, although i do find myself using my "excalibur" more and more these days, like Homsu my favourite rod at the moment is a heartland z although i run a 1000 stradic spooled with 1.8kg fireline on mine. A truly versatile outfit which has heaps of surprisingly good fish, and perfect for my favourite fishing technique at the moment, flicking samll sp's, and small metals around....

Have also just picked up a couple of live fibres from oceanside, one is 6-8kg matched with a 8000 series sustain with one spool of 8kg mono, the spare spool filled with 20kg firline, nice outfit(destined for LOTS of use in exxy in 9 weeks time). Also picked up a 7ft 3-5kg livefibre, matched to a 4000 affinity running 3.6kg fireline....mmmmmmm yummy outfit too.....still hasn't seen a lot of action either.

Shit that was hard, picking a favourite outfit. It really depends for me on what style of fishing i'm doing, but i gotta be honest, that first little outfit i described above, comes everywhere with me.....

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Mine would have to be my

Fri, 2006-05-19 11:18

Mine would have to be my barra combo. Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z203 loaded with 30lb fins PRT and Live Fibre Lightning 5'4" 6-8kg baitcasting rod.

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Two come to mind

Sun, 2006-05-28 16:57

Well I can say 2 are my go-to combo's , one is the trusty Penn850 SS and 10 foot custom ugly stick , the other is my latest fav , Daiwa SALTIST 40 on a Ugly stick Black Tiger , so far over 40 Sambo's jigged on it and still going strong .


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mine is

Mon, 2006-06-05 15:28

my favourite combo is my abu-garcia 5500c3 baitcaster with 30lb penn power line on a 3-5kg ugly stick gold rod. ive caught queenfish and mackies on it. its strong and sturdy and it gets the job done.