websites lookin good

Hey guys, havent been on here for a while and the websites looking great!
We should get together for a beer one day, would be good to chat face to face and actually go fishin together, we seem to see eachother out there a heap, was thinking of doing a mission up to ledge point soon to jig on the wreck, should hold some sams, ajs, skips.
got a good baldy spot up there too, if we can get good tides for them.


Josh Bruynzeel

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Heya Josh

Tue, 2006-06-06 09:23

Sounds great mate, would be keen to catch up for a bevvy or two. Must say that I was pretty stoked when we first rocked up out there on Sunday to see you guys on a hookup and losing line. Seemed that they were pretty keen on the baits, nearly every drop had some big thumping bites and generally a hookup. Was a bit disappointed not to get into some jigging action, but I spose it's not too long before they are out there in some decent numbers and it will be hard to get a jig through them without being smashed.

Off to Exmouth in 4 weeks, going to give the jigs a red hot go while we are up there. Would really love to get a few stoinking trev's or bottom species on them, mmmm.

Anyway, good to bump into you again, have to catch up soon.


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