110cm Queenie

110cm Queenie

Launched the boat yesterday and went for a morning pop down in the Gulf while waiting for my Dad to fly into Learmonth. This 110cm queenie was the highlight amongst all the little GT's.

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solid queenie

Wed, 2009-05-27 08:24

great fun on light gear.

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Nice fish

Wed, 2009-05-27 08:41

Great Queenie Tim. Would have been awesome, did it do any dancing for you?


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Only the 1 jump, unlike most

Wed, 2009-05-27 09:43

Only the 1 jump, unlike most queenies I've caught. It didn't take any drag either as I had it screwed up reasonably tight because I was expecting GT's. Still put up a good fight just on a short string.

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I got one on 15kg gear,

Wed, 2009-05-27 10:08

I got one on 15kg gear, 90cm to fork, when we were up there for the comp. It only left the water once ... to get into the boat.

It took a heap of line against 5kg of drag but I would've expect them to go jump-crazy on heavier line like the dollies 


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Nice dollar

Wed, 2009-05-27 09:36



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