120cm barra nearing its freedom

120cm barra nearing its freedom

This barra was either very hungry or very unlucky (unbelievable story behind this one)

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Let rip with the tale DW.

Tue, 2009-02-17 06:04

Let rip with the tale DW. I'm up for a good read.
Glad to hear ya let her go, magnificent fish that one

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Tue, 2009-02-17 10:56

Give us the story mate, looking foward to this one.  Donkey barra.


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Tue, 2009-02-17 15:40


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Well first off i was in

Tue, 2009-02-17 20:26

Well first off i was in another boat but witnessed the whole thing. Now after a lenghty time collecting mullet at our local haunt, we (the boat i was in) decided to flick lures at a submerged rock bar. After losing a solid threadie, we decided to anchor up near chunky mullet who had a lure bobbing up and down no more than 5m for the boat whilst manuvering the boat to anchor. The incoming tide colliding with the rock bar below created a rushing effect which gave the lure just enough action to keep it just below the surface (he held the rod the whole time unaware). Now apon setting pick, we turned jus in time to see and hear a huge BOOF and once again the demon possed chunky mullet was on. The rest as they say is history. After a few happy snaps she was on her way to fight again. Didn't weigh her but was very very fat hopefully with roe. It was a great catch and the only one of the day. Hats off to chunky as he does these things time and time again!!!