12kg pinky caught SW W.A

12kg pinky caught SW  W.A

Check the groath from bumping the coral...

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nice pinky, bet that pulled

Sun, 2009-06-07 09:26

nice pinky, bet that pulled well


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That's a great fish

Sun, 2009-06-07 11:11

It sure has some serious lumps on its head.


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Sun, 2009-06-07 11:42

Well done Cammo, thats a fair bit of pink there!


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Funny enough i caught

Sun, 2009-06-07 13:03

Funny enough i caught several smaller ones around 6kg that pulled alot harder...


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Nice catch Cammo!

Sun, 2009-06-07 14:08

Bloody nice Pinky mate!

Yeah agree - have caught some larger pinkies that didn't put anywhere near the show that some smaller ones did. 


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Top catch mate got to love

Sun, 2009-06-07 20:19

Top catch mate got to love the pinkies


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nice catch mate...

Tue, 2010-09-07 18:56

does annyone know why hardly any pinkys caught in the metro area have the large humps on their head, when almost all the pinkys in other areas have them???

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Tue, 2010-09-07 19:06

Perth, flat shallower, structure, fish graze the flatness looking for food.


Deeper structure, more ledges, holes etc, fish forrage more, under shelfs, heads in holes grabbing crustaceans.


Big badass looking pinky!!

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Holy crap, that is one ugly

Tue, 2010-09-07 19:05

Holy crap, that is one ugly pinky!