Beach wobby

Beach wobby

 Beach wobby. Put back .

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Not  a bad size there. Caught

Sun, 2022-11-13 18:45

Not  a bad size there. Caught them once before and the effort to fillet them they are better off still swimming. 


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Been attacked

Sun, 2022-11-13 21:11

Few times by them in water. Angry buggers . Full of chemicals . Agree never kill them .

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Bigger is better

Mon, 2022-11-14 09:41

 If you are going to keep one then the saying "bigger is better"

They are pricks to fillet and tough to eat when small but the big versions are top eating quality. When filletting remember to cut from under the skin not try to saw your way through and ruin your knifes edge, also easier to cut the breast bone right out early that way it lays flatter.