The boys and I had some fun ,hand lines and 2 small rods. Caught some jacks. Travelly.emperer . Long toms . Other weired looking fish.  Didn't like humidity  to  much . The girls had there helicopter ride also rode the camels on beach. Definately would do it again . Everyone we met up there where friendly and helpful . Most of the time spent in pool drinking :):).

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Nice little trev

Mon, 2017-01-09 09:42

 Was all the fishing done off the jetty?

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Mon, 2017-01-09 13:02


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Timmy k

Mon, 2017-01-09 19:05

 Left hand side of jetty . On rocks . Jetty closed. Funny thing was find great spot ( on incoming tide). Get 20 mins max then swim back. L based sucks. Do it again for sure. Only kept 3 jacks for dinner that was it. Also met the Broome drinking king ( apparently) lol . Love the joint for sure. Even met x fisheries officer from rocko there. Very pleasant Guy I must admit. First thought f$$k me really. Pretty funny top bloke.:):)

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Do you know

Wed, 2017-01-11 14:52

Is the closure of the jetty a temporary thing or are they closing it permanently to fishing.

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Opens next month

Wed, 2017-01-11 15:30

 From what I gathered from some locals I met