Chinook Salmon from Canada

Chinook Salmon from Canada

Well, last opportunity for a fish in Canada. Quick trip out for a troll in 130 ft of water (American influence is big in Canada.....).

Quite day but very pleasant, with temps of around 29 degrees...about 90 something F for the seppos......tempting to jump over the side of the boat, but water temps in the low teens and reports of a few Orca's in the area put paid to that (Great Whites around Rotto are one thing....but a big arse mammal that swims pretty well, has big teeth and is smarter than me................thats another thing!).


One nice spring Chinoon Salmon was landed by one of my mates who lives over here, went 17 lb. Went pretty hard on the standard Cannuck "Alvey Style" reels, poxy palm assisted drag and 25 lb string...


Back in Oz in a few days, will miss the spectacular Canadian scenery but looking forward to some Oz fishing action again.





Boston Whaler 235 Conquest......getting the flogging it was built for.

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great fish mate.

Tue, 2010-08-17 00:58

great fish mate.