Well, after a few dives last year and more than a few this year, I finally managed to grab some crays myself, instead of my dive buddies.

I think i ended up grabbing 2 and looping two. I probably woulda had a full bag if I had grabbed a few flighty ones a little tighter. Hopefully my craying will improve leaps and bounds from now.

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Nice.   What depth Matt?

Mon, 2010-12-06 19:59



What depth Matt?




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In abour 18-20m. Saw half a

Mon, 2010-12-06 20:05

In abour 18-20m. Saw half a dozen in 10m the next day though.

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The one on the end looks

Mon, 2010-12-06 19:59

The one on the end looks like a fat white Matt.


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nice work there ,they are

Mon, 2010-12-06 19:59

nice work there ,they are good looking crays


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nice crays

Mon, 2010-12-06 20:16

well done mate.


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Good effort!! I had the same

Mon, 2010-12-06 20:26

Good effort!! I had the same thing on saturday, I had a few that were too big to get the loop around  in 14mtrs. Where did u launch from?

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Nice crays Matt!

Mon, 2010-12-06 22:10

Well done on getting a few, I'm sure you'll bag out next time :)


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well done, you finally got a

Mon, 2010-12-06 22:13

well done, you finally got a feed all on your own. great looking crays too. they should taste even better


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Nice Matt, off OR?

Mon, 2010-12-06 22:27

Nice Matt, off OR?

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Well done Matt..that is one

Tue, 2010-12-07 05:55

Well done Matt..that is one big white on the end too.  You'll be bagging out in no time soon.

You can also request more xmas presents now as you can supply the family with Xmas Cray!

Cheers Pete

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Came really close today

Tue, 2010-12-07 12:44

Came really close today actually on both dives. Woulda got the bag too if one didnt find a hole at the hinge to escape. Still got 12 on the boat, so really happy about that. Learnt a fair bit last time and this time, so feel i've improved 10 fold since last weekend.

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Tue, 2010-12-07 07:40

Good work Matt. It takes some practise that's for sure. I can remember yelling at the top of my underwater lungs more than once at the beginning of my cray diving. I'm sure my dive buddies were laughing their arses off.


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good to see you get some and

Tue, 2010-12-07 13:06

good to see you get some and it will get easier the more you do it