Exmouth Whiting

Exmouth Whiting

Haven't been doing as much fishing recently with a new born in the house but got out for an hour or 2 while the kids slept on the weekend for some whiting between Town Beach and the Golf Club..... Plenty of schools around but didn't seem to be actively feeding. Could only manage 1 to 2 fish from each school before they would shut down and you'd have to wait for the next school to pass by. Was just fishing prawn on a long shank.... Anybody know if they are likely to be more active with a little stickbait or popper when they otherwise seem to be shut down? Really good size fish and fun on the daughters $10 rod! 

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Nice size. They taste great

Thu, 2023-11-23 09:08

Nice size. They taste great as well. I have used a tiny popper with a bit of success as well as a tiny diver . They can put up a nice fight for their size


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