Golden Gates Albany

Golden Gates Albany

No salmon this time but the surf was pumping!

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Mon, 2010-05-17 16:15

Wicked pic mate. Sure makes you want to take up surfing..looks bloody cold.

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thats a craker of a photo

Mon, 2010-05-17 16:20

thats a craker of a photo mate. i would be very impressed.

that swell is so good probly a bit big for me lol i only lik it max of 3m, wat size was that?

nice spot,

cheers danno

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That's a great photo

Mon, 2010-05-17 16:39

That's a great photo chrisp.

Does it break around to the right or is it mainly a left?  Looks like there's a small ride on the right before it closes out.

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Cheers boys

Mon, 2010-05-17 16:49

It was prob around double head high in the sets that day danno.

Mostly lefts Ben.There is the odd right to be had but then your in danger of getting caught insideSurprised.

 No way i would have gone out that day..Cold,Large and not a single soul around.Just you and the sharks!

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Awsome photo,perfect

Mon, 2010-05-17 16:49

Awsome photo,perfect conditions



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nice !

Mon, 2010-05-17 16:59

nice !

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Top photo Chris. Should of

Mon, 2010-05-17 21:54

Top photo Chris. Should of had a surf... wipeout wouldn't have been that bad!

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Tue, 2010-05-18 17:22

 for the tip Johnny utah

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Wikd Pic Mate!

Wed, 2010-05-19 16:50

Wikd Pic Mate!

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Good old golden gates! Its a

Fri, 2010-05-21 09:02

Good old golden gates! Its a beautiful spot hey, pretty hit and miss with the salmon though. The beach changes a lot too. Great place to get away from the wind!