Good day on the water

Good day on the water

 Few dhuies


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Bloody did better than us

Sat, 2015-07-04 19:42

bodie and I went out for most of the day. Started in the sound and got some fresh squid which was good. Decided to then head out south west of rotto in search of some Demersals on the jigs. Other than a just size blackarse which was returned anyway cos at 31cm there is barely any fillet on them, absolutely nothing else to show for it. To say we have had better days fishing is an understatement however still good to be out on the water






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That's a great day

Sat, 2015-07-04 22:56

That's a great day on the water

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Nice brace of fish there

Sat, 2015-07-04 23:20

Well done a couple of good feeds to be had.