great week fishing

great week fishing

 just wanting to share the week of fishing i have had.

started wednesday arvo with a few hours to kill in the city while i wait to pick the missus up from the airport.i forgot to take my fishing gear so a quick trip the cambells to get the cheapest combo possible, some soft plastics and jig heads. got to a nice stretch of river at about 6.15. first cast............bang. not a huge bream but big enough to test out the reel. a little over an hour of fishing and landed 5 good size bream. the biggest(pictured) was pushing the 38-40 mark.

then today head out off mindarie in close. first drop got a snapper, just 10cm too small, great fight on whiting gear. next drop sized flatty.  after a quick move we got onto a couple of kg whiting, a billion shitty wrasse. another big flaty. the missus hooked onto a couple of big wrasse and then yells 'whats that under them'. it was a small shark! in a bit of a hurry i told her to drop her fish back down totry and keep it around while i tied another hook to the big rod after i lost the last one to an eagle ray. dropped a bait down and nothing........ two minutes later the rod screamed away. a 15 minute fight and several huge runs with some dancing around the boat and anchor rope we landed a sambo. 112ms and probably around 15 kgs. what a way to spend australia day!


 Beats working!!!!!!

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Nice work



beached as bro!