Greggs first Saily

Greggs first Saily

Went out wide with the boys last weekend targeting billfish. Magic session with 8 fish raised and 4 landed.

This is my first Sailfish to date and it didnt come easy. I hooked up on Telferfishes brand new combo that his missus gave him early for valentines day. Little shimano 8-10 kg baitcaster with a 700 calcutta fully loaded with 8kg mono. Only seconds after the hook was set and the Sail was taking its first run the screw down front grip on the reel seet became loose and the reel popped out and was airbourne. I managed to grab it with my right hand by the side casing and put it back into the reel seet all while the sail was taking line. I managed to wind the grip back down and continue the fight but the whole time I was shit scared the same thing was going to happen again. I ended up playing the fish out with my top hand holding the grip and the reel and was eventually rewarded with the goods. It was a very stuborn fight with the fish going deep after its first run and dogging it out in the depths until we could get in front of it and coax it up. Numerous runs later and a lot of manouvering and we had the leader in sight and eventually the Sailfish was invited on board for a couple of happy snaps before its revival and release. Marlin fishing is certainly a team event and a lot of credit goes to the skipper and fellow anglers whose invaluable advice made the experience all the more remarkable.

The fish gods were certainly smiling at me thats for sure.

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Mon, 2014-02-17 19:15

 Congrats. Epic tale. Love sailys.


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Mon, 2014-02-17 19:19

 Nice fish Gregg, always good when you crack the first.  Not getting it easy makes you appreciate it that much more.


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nice work mate... shame you

Wed, 2014-02-19 09:39

nice work mate... shame you got your pic photo bombed! will make sure we get some better happy snaps next time we're out.