Hungry Wahoo

Hungry Wahoo

This wahoo went after my teaser and then hit the purple C&H Lure.The fish had nothing in his stomach,a real empty belly.A hungry fish is an angry fish...

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Thu, 2007-03-29 07:44

Great fish Bucanero, looks like your out on a decent sized boat there mate. :))) How much of your skirt did he claim? The one we got the other week hit the hook clean and we didn't lose any, but one of the boys that went out the week before got his destroyed and had to replace the whole lot from the head back.


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Fri, 2007-03-30 22:01

The boat is an open luhrs 36, this one sunk and we did the salvage job for the insurance co. and I ended up owning the wreck, its pretty much complete now.That wahoo jumped put of the water about three times 20 feet from my transom hitting the teaser, he actually ripped the mono and took the teaser.2 minutes later he hit the purple skirt that you see in the pic, with a penn 50 behind and that was it for him.The inetresting detail was that we did not find anything in his stomach,completely empty, poor thing was starving.