Marron bag

Marron bag

 Got our feed for the year. Yumo

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That is a hefty haul !  Don’t

Mon, 2020-01-13 14:48

That is a hefty haul !  Don’t think I’ve ever seen a spot with that many sized marron ! Obviously a nice honey hole !


What was the biggest ? And what’s the story ? I’d imagine this would come from a few days across different spots, but that’s only because I’d need to hunt all year to get that many haha

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Tue, 2020-01-14 01:28

They were caught at a good spot on a river down south Francis. We got down there about lunch time on Monday to make sure we could claim it then spent the next 49 hours swatting March flies and mosquitoes until the season started. Got our 1st bag each by 2pm Wednesday then waited to lunch Thursday for the second then home Friday morning. Didn't measure the biggest but most were well over. It's a mission but I always look forward to doing it again the next year.