McArthy Munching Pinkie

McArthy Munching Pinkie

Managed to sneak out for a quick fish out of Cervantes on a mates boat whilst up there camping for the weekend with the kids. We had no spots as none of us had fished out of Cervantes before, so we charged out to the bank and found a few cray pots in the 50's which we dropped on, got a few nice pinks and a size dhu on soft plastics.....then a 20 kg sambo that fought very timidly for the first minute until going nutz for the next 20 minutes.......once we had it on deck, there was no sign of the McArthy plastic or jig head......nothing but the tail of a small dhu sticking out of its must have hoovered a small dhuie that took my plastic.......too busy trying to get the jig head out and release the sambo to get a photo.


Fun day, sorry obout the crappy picture quality of the pinkie, off a dodgy phone.




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That's a good size Pinky

Mon, 2012-06-04 21:14

That's a good size Pinky JonhF. I converting to the dark side and gearing up for jigs and plastics. So a few advice threads coming from me soon. Well done btw.


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