Mike's Cape York Queeniesaurus

Mike's Cape York Queeniesaurus

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Fri, 2007-06-29 11:10

Jeeebus, look at the size of the head and shoulders on that thing!! What a horse.


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Fri, 2007-06-29 11:13

faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark, thats a beauten..... Can't say i've seen any bigger, bloody "fat" eh

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Hammer time

Fri, 2007-06-29 11:43

Would have gone like a bat out of hell this beauty.

I don't think Ian would have got sick of catching them!



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The guts and the shoulders

Fri, 2007-06-29 11:55

The guts and the shoulders seem to be where big queenies stack on the weight. Mike has fished all his life, but mainly in places like the Noosa River, where the queenies average about one pound. That would have been about the right size for a popper on this trip though.

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Awsome fish! Deffently the

Fri, 2007-06-29 12:23

Awsome fish! Deffently the biggest ive ever seen. See what you mean about the shoulders.

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Sun, 2007-07-01 13:50

that is one serious queenie there ian. almost worthy of servicing your reel after a day on those things! imagine one that size on fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now that would hert ya fly

Mon, 2007-07-02 06:48

Now that would hert ya fly rod tang!lol. When you coming down?

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Mon, 2007-07-02 17:15

beauty that fish...ive never seen one that big let alone caught one...i understand they go REAL hard when hooked...just to experience that would be awesome but to get one that big is unreal...well done