My First Bluefin

My First Bluefin

Oh what a feeling!!


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Nice bluey mate! would have

Tue, 2007-02-06 14:08

Nice bluey mate!
would have to be around the 12kg mark hey??

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Tue, 2007-02-06 14:10

Looks like its got a bit of a barrel to it! That thing would surely have pulled some decent drag. What sorta combo/line did you get him on?


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Sweet fish mate, god they go

Tue, 2007-02-06 14:14

Sweet fish mate, god they go hard even on 15kg gear! 6kg gear, oooooooooooooyeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

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spot on

Tue, 2007-02-06 18:18

Nealez - we estimated most we caught between 10-15kgs so your about spot on. Every thing we caught was around that mark, went wider (approx 30-40 km west of Streaky Bay SA) looking for bigger ones and had schools everywhere. Had schools in every direction from the boat at one stage and never did we not have a school in sight when on the grounds. Just couldn't find the bigger ones but wasn't complaining too much.. not uncommon for them to average up to 50kg and had a run of huge 80-100kg bluefin last year in Sth Oz/Vic. Was caught on a Shimano Charter Special with 24kg braid which was a bit heavy for this size though they still fought well as the water temp was 20+ degrees (reasonably warm for Sth Oz). Some where quiet until they saw the boat and then the fireworks started. Wanted to pull out my lighter outfit with 15 and/or 20kg mono but didn't want to risk that with 3 other rods spooled with braid (plus the possibility of big Sambos and Kingies in the area). Double hookups and a few triples were the norm with fish were going every which way. Was an awesome day - water was crystal clear (check out the rod cam pic) and you could see the hooked fish plus its 30 or so mates following at about 40 feet down. Landed 15 for the day between four of us (released all but 6 which is the boat limit for Sth Oz) have been eating tuna steaks on the barbie for last three nights taste beautiful!! Sampsons were elusive however did not spend much time trying for them due to the amount of tuna (get more Sampsons in march/april. maybe next time.....) Got some good video too will see if I can upload some once I get a chance to edit it...



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