Naldo's Pinky

Naldo's Pinky

Nice Pinky caught about 14nm west of Mindarie in between two small lumps. Bait was Squid on a snelled two hook rig. Naldo still managed to get it into the boat, despite Adam's and my coaching and mentoring during the fight.



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Cover shot

Sun, 2006-04-09 10:38

What a ripper photo! Naldo must be stoked about that one!!!!


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Even Better One in the Wings

Sun, 2006-04-09 10:56

That "cover shot" pales into comparison with another one I took of that same fish. (Great lighting, reflection off the scales and good close-up definition) I might hold that for a tick and decide if I am going to try and get it published before posting it up. If I can work out how to post an image via the PM system, I'll show you what I mean.


Andy Mac



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This is a good pic!

Thu, 2006-05-11 16:52

I haven't voted yet!
When I vote it will be for the pic, not the fish in the pic - if that makes sense!

This is a damn good pic! (IMHO)

It could be just a whisker better (for the photographer)!

A tiny bit more depth of field might have kept the tail end in more focus!

Also moving the sunnies up onto the top of the hat and using a fill flash to illuminate the shadows under the hat is important!

The hat could be lifted just a tad to reveal a fraction more forehead.

As far as composition - it would be really good to get the Bait board in the backgrpound out of screen (ie move angler forward along the gunnel for more ocean background)!

Lastly - when you take shots of this nature, frame a few both horizontal and always one verticle! (Covershots are verticle!) ;o)

When composing the verticle "cover shot", allow room down one side (Usually the left hand border) for a list of contents, and sky room across the top for the magazines masthead!

Then - you will be able to command cover shot prices for publishable shots of whats a great fish and a very good photo.

Take multiple shots - different angles wide / zoom etc and use these for "other publications" later (like a book or a fill photo to demonstrate a magazine article about snapper reproduction or whatever etc).

Just a couple tip's - not criticising the fish or the photo, both are great, but the pic could be just a whisker better! It's withn 10% of a 'Money Shot' close I'm hoping the above 'constructive criticism' might help the cameraman prepare for the next opportunity!!

Please don't let my comments color the voting process - I'm just trying to encourage / help / improve on whats already pretty damn good!

Nuthing wrong with setting ourselves high standards!