Nice shark

Nice shark

 Nice Tiger from a couple weeks back, wicked night with other sharks hooked and landed as well as upgrading my PB Mulloway. Caught on a 125cm Mulloway frame at 12:30am South of Perth. 


Cheers, Maxi. 

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Mon, 2017-04-03 10:51

 Got some girth around the shoulders, would have taken some catching.


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thanks Adam

Mon, 2017-04-03 17:48

Was a healthy and fat shark for sure and gave us a good workout. After landing the Mulloway earlier that night I brought in the old bait and paddled out the frame around 250m at 12 o clock. Took about half an hour and it got picked up, let it run for a while before setting the hook which ended up perfectly in the corner of the jaw. Fight went on for a ages dragging us up and down the beach before finally coming in. Mate and I pulled it into the shallows where it had water going through its gills when the waves came up, got the hook out and walked it out past the waves and it shot off nicely. Paddled out some more baits later that night without any more interest.