Our Boat

Our Boat

This is our boat/tinny

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Sat, 2010-05-29 20:58

i would kill to bream fish on that

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Nice rig mate... Has it

Sat, 2010-05-29 21:27

Nice rig mate...

Has it served you welll?


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not a bad looking fishing

Sat, 2010-05-29 22:10

not a bad looking fishing rig there Blake.


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Nice boat blake ,get you

Sun, 2010-05-30 19:42

Nice boat blake ,get you around the river nicely,what size motor .


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Looks the goods Blake. Nice

Sun, 2010-05-30 20:05

Looks the goods Blake.
Nice fishing platform. The modified bow should keep some water off you.




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Sun, 2010-05-30 21:16

Like the under deck storage. Nothing worse than things moving around in the boat and getting in the way.

Love the layout


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wow haha thanks guys, only

Sun, 2010-06-20 20:51

wow haha thanks guys, only just saw this has been bought back from the dead. Its a pretty old thread guys check the date. It looks alot different now, minn kota etc. Thanks anyway guys, maybe i should upload a more recent photo. Its a 50hp by the way paul.

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yeah put more pix up mate..

Sun, 2010-06-20 20:53

yeah put more pix up mate.. you should come up to the moore with it for the electric only social day will be fun got over 15 boats so far