Radiant Cod

Radiant Cod

As posted yesterday, this is one of the two Radiant Cod we got in Metro waters.

I must admit I have never heard of them before and we thought it may have been a duvie grey band.

Had some tonite, it was nothing short of excellent, as SouthCity had indicated. Deep species can be a bit tough and chewey, so I cut thin cutlets agaisnt the grain and cooked quickly. IT was very moist with a classic cod/grouper firmness. Was significantly better than the snapper we had as well, and snapper is one of my favourite fish.

Not sure you can target these in metro waters, but well worth the effort!


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Sat, 2014-05-31 23:45

they are indeed mighty fine on the plate. After one deep drop trip we divided up the fish and I choose one of these and certainly didn't regret it.