saltjetty 07cobes

saltjetty 07cobes

took this pic with my phone so i could forward it on to a few mates .hahaha you should of read some of the replys .i love makeing them squirm

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Yeh rub it in mate!!! Get a

Fri, 2007-12-07 13:51

Yeh rub it in mate!!! Get a haircut!!! Looks like you were the one that fell in not Spury!!! Lets bloody go!!! Im fangin!!
Esky's Loaded, Boat's Ready...... Lets Go!!!!!!

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getting my hair cut tomorrow

Fri, 2007-12-07 14:12

getting my hair cut tomorrow actualy.mums in perth as you know so im on kid duty. been trying to get intouch with frizza as he should be in coral bay about now.
reckon we should do a trip up to headland or karatha .maybee chase a few barra as im still a virgin .its just the price of accomidation thats the killer .im getting to old to be camping out in this heat.

always in it just the depth that varies