Saturdays catch mixed trevally

Saturdays catch mixed trevally

 These fish are under rated and make a great green curry.


Stay salty

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I could be wrong but

Mon, 2016-07-25 10:29

some of those look like javelin fish which are very nice eating

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 Yup, javelin fish are right

Mon, 2016-07-25 10:34

 Yup, javelin fish are right up there, I rate them as good as mangrove jack

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Mon, 2016-07-25 11:36

 I went out fishing for dermasals - got one 82cm/6kg pinky (my first legal sized one), then loaded up on some nice sand whiting. Went back to boat ramp and picked up son and wife and went for a cruise around Carnac Island area to see if the seals were around - they weren't. Went over a massive school of fish - son was so excited to see the Lowrance go crazy. Had only a few prawns left as I dumped all the leftover bait out deeper. Found out the school of fish were skippy's - couldn't even get the bait to the bottom before they hoed into it. 8 skippy's in around 10mins before I said "we have enough fish for one day".

Wife doesn't normally like fishing but she loved the skippy. The skipper wasn't too happy when she flicked the line upwards and got the hooks, sinker, etc hooked around the rod holder and about 4 rods and I spent about 5 mins trying to untangle the bloody thing.

Found a dumped old outdoor plastic chair in Guage Roads on the way back - son wanted it so it's his seat at home in the sand pit now. So skipper happy with snapper, wife happy with skippy's and son happy with chair.

Lovely day out there in the middle of winter!



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