Shamu's Dhuie close up

Shamu's Dhuie close up

Lovely colours of a big dhuie fresh out of the water. Who's a happy camper????



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HAPPY MAN........

Thu, 2007-02-08 22:15

Awesome foto Andy, very happy man by the looks.

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Andy, seemed to me it

Thu, 2007-02-08 22:51

Andy, seemed to me it changed to a darker color after just a few minutes.

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Andy last time you said you

Fri, 2007-02-09 05:24

Andy last time you said you loved me and it wasnt a one night stand I thought it was you I was hooked up on again.what are are kids going to say now that your shareing me around between your mates.HAHAHA LOL CHEERS SHAG Im telling you mate theres something going on with you and those bloody Dhuies.

Look its early in the morning and i have lost the plot but it does look like that fish is stareing back at you Mr Mac


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