Stolen Prado

Stolen Prado

Stolen from mandrah sometime last night 1BNW 020 - 2004 GXL Prado 3inch lift kit black military mags / TRD top mount blower...sticks out like dog balls guys... call crime stoppers if anyone has seen it or PM me

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 Sorry to see this mate.

Fri, 2013-04-05 07:27

 Sorry to see this mate.

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mate no good assume they

Fri, 2013-04-05 07:34

mate no good
assume they broke in to your house to get the keys?

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Wont be hard to miss that

Fri, 2013-04-05 07:53

Wont be hard to miss that rig, hope you/they get it back in one piece. will keep an eye out for it.


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Jeez there's some bastards

Fri, 2013-04-05 09:48

Jeez there's some bastards out there.


Looks a nice rig mate, hope you get it back soon.


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That is shocking

Fri, 2013-04-05 10:43

I honestly hope you find it in one piece.  Not like my brother-in-law years ago when the first Monaro come out, the Police found it in a million pieces in a shed in Gin Gin, insurance company put it back together but never the same and he sold it.

This is getting beyond the ruddy joke, peoples hard earned money to buy their cars, boats and some low life comes along and steals it.

Have you put it on FB crime report, might help, if you do I'll share it for FB friends to keep a eye out in Perth area and surround suburbs, disgusting low life act to do steal somebodies pride and joy.



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 Not mine but a mates, stole

Fri, 2013-04-05 12:26

 Not mine but a mates, stole his bike and a heap of gear out of his house while he was at work. Scum


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Tue, 2013-04-09 08:53



Any updates? has it been located?