Sunrise Over Indian Ocean

Sunrise Over Indian Ocean

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean from the Abrolhos Islands!

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Sat, 2006-03-11 23:19

makes me wish i was elsewhere, magic!

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A day that dawns with such promise!

Sun, 2006-03-12 11:56

Is to be treasured Adam...opening day (March 15 2004) of the cray season at the Abrolhos Islands - on board with Nat (Mad Man) Gedero, my Bro in Law Steve "150 mono man" Gernhoeffer, and myself!

WE had worked hard for ~ 10 days getting out to the islands, loading all the pots and unloading them - baiting them loading them all up again, setting them - getting the cabins all sorted out the freezers gassed up & working, humped tonnes a bait off the carrier boats onto the cray boats and off the cray boats onto the jetty's - & into the freezers etc etc etc - back out and into the pots attached all the ropes and floats - soaked the pots, you name it we did it! We worked like black ants and this day ws "payday"!

13 baskets was a little dissapointing...we were hoping for 25 or so - but ya get that some years!

Mornings/sunrise like that seem to have a habit of indelibly etching themselves into your memory forever!

Sadly - there are things about that time I will never forget as well, as long as I live. Every good thing in life seems to come at a price!
(like your dad passing away a couple months beforehand and your wife of 27 years flat on her back phu&&^5ing her boss, while your away working to raise your kids!) :rollseyes:

Some things in Life - you'd trade with hindsight Adam! - trust me!. ;o)