Swan bash

Swan bash

Nice little feed from the Fremantle area of the swan this morning. Was good fun on the flats. Interesting to see a tiger snake swim past though. 

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 Nice. Love flats fishing,

Sun, 2020-11-22 14:36

 Nice. Love flats fishing, did you catch them on soft plastics or hardbodys?

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Sun, 2020-11-22 15:08

My brother was using a Zx35 eco gear and I was using the old river to sea shad in the gold pattern. He caught all of the whiting plus a few flatties while I just got the flatties and a few small flounder. 

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 Well done . Great result

Sun, 2020-11-22 15:26

 Well done . Great result there. Them whiting are a decent size . 


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Sun, 2020-11-22 20:28

 I reckon that's a great catch, boat or landbased? 


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Mon, 2020-11-23 04:03

Was land based mate. 

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Some nice

Sun, 2020-11-22 20:53

Lizards there .

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I bet the tiger snake

Mon, 2020-11-23 11:35

Got your attention pretty quick.

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Mon, 2020-11-23 17:45

It sure got the attention of the kayaka that we alerted who was paddling straight at it