Thursday bash

Thursday bash

 Just me and dan . Tried another new area. Took heads of this time .:):). Got enough food and bait now for a week now.

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 Very nice

Fri, 2017-03-10 20:35

 Very nice

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Sat, 2017-03-11 07:38

You sure have sorted mate, great feed and some great bait also


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Sun, 2017-03-12 00:05


next time you give me an occy and I'll give it back to you in pickle jars. You'll think twice about using it for bait. Red wrasse just as good for bait.

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Sun, 2017-03-12 07:03

 I do eat fair amount not all bait. I find skinned heads better than legs for dhues ect. Garlic , chillie pickled Occo not bad at all. 

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 Dhu lollies all the way :) 

Tue, 2017-03-14 21:22

 Dhu lollies all the way :) 

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Sat, 2017-03-18 07:54