Two Boat Assault on the 3 Mile

Two Boat Assault on the 3 Mile

With Dad over on holidays and Gully keen to try one of his in close spots, we decided an early fish was on the cards this morning. There was going to be 5 of us so we took the 2 small boats out and after some flat battery problems we finally anchored at 6am over some shallow reef. There was a fair bit of early action on the pinkies and with Dad not having a RBL, we were bagged out within about 30mins. He's lived in South Oz all of his life and had to come to Perth to get his first snapper and they were a pretty good pair to start with too.

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nice snapper  what did they

Sat, 2010-06-19 15:37

nice snapper  what did they weigh?

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Sat, 2010-06-19 15:44

Two bloody good snapper there mate. Heaps of good fish coming off the 3 mile at the moment.

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well done

Sat, 2010-06-19 15:46

Great work mate, there some cracker snapper, especialy for in close!! Uve just inspired me to get out there again for a quick sesh!

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Thats a great starter pair!

Sat, 2010-06-19 16:03

Thats a great starter pair!


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jeeeeeez aren't u fellas

Sat, 2010-06-19 16:26

jeeeeeez aren't u fellas are killing it!!! nice work... bastards

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Your dad must have been

Sat, 2010-06-19 17:09

Your dad must have been happy!  Great pinks!

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Sun, 2010-06-20 21:33

Awesome inshore snapper mate, the lucky streak continues.


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thats a couple of nice

Sun, 2010-06-20 21:36

thats a couple of nice pinkies for the old man.


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three mile

Mon, 2010-06-21 10:01

Yeah was good to see Lucky Tim get completely outfished for a change :)

Hopes were not too high in the morning as out of 3 batteries (1 in mates boat, 2 in Tims) all were flat. We carried a spare which we gave to Tim and we pull started our motor.

All was good in the end though with some good fish landed between both boats. We lost 2 crackers and finally got 1 of about 4kg before they shut down. Great fun



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a mate and i went to the

Tue, 2010-06-22 18:59

a mate and i went to the back of the 3 mile on saturday and caught nothing. we burlied for about 40 mins and still caught nothing, couldnt belive it to be honest.

we normally always get a snapper or 2 or at least a school of skippy to have fun with

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Great fish

Tue, 2010-06-22 19:26

They are a pair of big pinkies caught close in! Well done!!