walpole offshore. cherry popped

walpole offshore. cherry popped

 This is my 2nd walpole offshore trip. The weather and swell were not good to us was there from tuesday last week and left sunday morning. 

Went with a couple of old boy who are in there 70s but are still such keen fishermen. 


The routine for the 6 day was wake up have brekky hop on the boat have a look if it was possible to head out in the ocean if it was to rough we would fish in the inlet also known as the "swamp"

after minium 8 hours on the water come back to the house clean fillet sink beers talk shit have dinner then bed. 


Not a bad life. 


We only managed one day out in the ocean and it was hard going with big swells and surge coming from every direction. 


But it was all worth it as i got my first kingy. Yellowtail kingfish estimated 15kg. 


The old boys were trying to tell me it wasnt good to eat. 

What are they talking about? We had sashimi for the last 3days and i also seared some. I rate it better then tuna. 


It fought hard and took me 15-20 mins to boat it took 3 runs towards the reef got it back of the bottom and it would do it again. 


It took a scaly on a snell on the bottom. 


Also got a 62cm dhuie heaps of breaksea a snapper and the other boat got a smaller kingy and a dhuie.  


In the swamp we were bagging out on kgs and yellowfin whiting. Bycatch was a lot of bream undersize pinkys skippy salmon trout herring. 


Which made a great beer snack with crackers. 


Peace Jm


Stay salty

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oh you sligh dog!

Sat, 2014-12-20 17:49

Theres a full stop between  where you fished , and what you may have got up too?

Theres more to this post , than just yellowtail mm mm

Anyway what happens in walpoke ( pun intended) stays in walpole.

We fished there once offshore , and your right , its no place for landlubbers, so well done for that fish , and yeah over east they eat them , no probs.