what NOT to do while fishing the cliffs!

what NOT to do while fishing the cliffs!

managed to upload an old pic of my dumb ass mate (think he was suicidal or something). just had to put out there. tell me what you think (good or bad) well cant be good at all lol.

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Wed, 2009-10-14 17:45

insane is the first word that springs to mind.... location?? steep point or some where along the zytdorp cliffs?? what was he trying to do dude???


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dunno wat he was thinkin!

Wed, 2009-10-14 18:00

yer it was at the zytdorp's ay. we saw a massive school of tuna at the bottom, he just thought hed TRY see if there was a ledge or a way down to get a line in with a chance of landing a fish (they looked huge even from that height). i guessed it to be about 80m down, i then linked 2 lenghts of rope at 35m each and chucked it over, im not sure (how can ya be) but i dont even think it made it half way down!!! crazyness.