Onslow Offshore 2 - Mitch's Horse Cod - Latest Video

The second part of the 'Pilbra' Pirates Onslow Offshore Action. This small video feature's Mitch and his Horse Cod caught trolling at one of their secret spots. It's worth downloading just to hear the quality e-bay salt grinder take some punishment. Enjoy

Download "Onslow Offshore Part 2 - Mitch's Horse Cod " (30.2 meg, wmv, 4:15) 

Download "Onslow Offshore Part 2 - Mitch's Horse Cod" (30.2 meg, wmv, 4:15)



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Tue, 2006-06-27 17:53

thanks for putting the vid on ads.that was a great day on the water with a mackie and another trevally boated just trolling back to camp . the reels since been kitted out with the new carbontec drag washers .which has made a huge difference

always in it just the depth that varies

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Great vid Mitch

Tue, 2006-06-27 19:41

Nice vid, awesome fish mate, keep those little salt grinders screaming, its the only way to fish. Wait till you see the crappy reels we had screaming for mercy when I get around to posting a few exmouth vids.

Oh and get a haircut (Hehehehe)


Andy Mac



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good action, love the

Tue, 2006-07-11 14:29

good action, love the constant sound of tinnies bouncing around on the floor. great stuff!



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too bad it wasn't the horse

Mon, 2006-08-07 17:38

too bad it wasn't the horse trout you guys suspected! Nice vid though and great fish mate those huge cod sure do slug it out.