Photo of the Month Competition - May 2010

Young_yakker's Snapper
55% (76 votes)
Amanda's Red Emp
15% (20 votes)
Brad's Marlin
12% (17 votes)
Andy Loop's GT
1% (2 votes)
Lucky Tim's Snapper
9% (12 votes)
Poddyfish's Dhufish
7% (10 votes)
Total votes: 137

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Gotta vote for Pod Man Chu

Sat, 2010-06-05 14:09

Gotta vote for Pod Man Chu and his speared Dhu!

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Young Yakker's

Sat, 2010-06-05 15:20

Young Yakker's pinkie.

Awesome fish but being landbased takes it to another level.

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my vote obviously goes to

Sat, 2010-06-05 16:21

my vote obviously goes to the marlin we caught on the jigging gear in 105m, a hard capture in very trying conditions to boat it too

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i am standing by what i said

Sat, 2010-06-05 21:28

i am standing by what i said last month. young yakkas fish is one to remember.congrats to the young bloke for his first pinkie and a monster from the shore


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I'm dead against people

Sun, 2010-06-06 05:38

I'm dead against people spearing dhu's n stuff, so that will never get my vote, I'm going for the marlin.



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Sun, 2010-06-06 21:20

lucky tims pink gets my vote... its a photo comp not a fish comp after all... all good fish
oh dale why are you against people spearing dhu's and stuff mate??? interesting question u pose there mate
good luck to all entrants


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this comp is looking a bit

Wed, 2010-06-09 17:30

this comp is looking a bit like the scoreboard in the 2007 Geelong v Port Adelaide grand final!

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Wed, 2010-06-09 17:20

Sorry to contribute to the one sided battle, but that pink snapper of Young yakkers is a fish of a lifetime, well done!!

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He must be performance

Wed, 2010-06-09 18:19

He must be performance enhancing drugs lol


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