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Fishing Report
Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 18/5/18

What great weather we have been blessed with! Anglers have been making the most of the change in weather this week, lets hope that the small swell and light winds are going to stick around for a while!

With the weather calming down and the seas settling, the ocean has opened up new opportunities for anglers this week that most have been itching for! Long runs to trench to deep drop and pelagic hotspots like the FADs have all been accessible this week and well worth the glorious day out there.
Out in the deep blue, dolphin fish have been hanging off the Rottnest FADs, and have been anything but lure shy. These acrobatics speedsters have been taking most offerings including trolled skirts to stickbaits and small poppers. Keep in mind the FADs are being pulled in soon so make the most of the weather we have got now!

Out slightly deeper and in the lower water column, anglers have been having great success deep dropping for demersals. The usual suspects like of blue eye trevalla, hapuka, grey band cod and bass grouper have been popping up all over the place and in great size. Ben Willmott made the most of last Saturday and headed out from Two Rocks, nailing a few bass grouper! Check out this horse!

In close, demersal fishing has been hot yet again for another week. If you are looking for some easy inshore fun but still want a great feed, king george whiting seem to be fishing very well too, and geez do they go great on the plate! Again with the great weather we are experienceing, anglers have been taking advantage of the great afternoon weather, and enjoying a calm sunset session after work. We are seeing a lot of great fish coming an anchored burley trail.

Snapper are also beginning to fish very well. Our local charter operators have been putting punters onto the local fishery now for a few weeks, and it wont be long until the rec anglers start their cold early morning wake ups in order to chase snapper on the inside and edge of the sound – For the time being, fish are holding on the outside of the sound. Some great catches are coming from the 5 fathom bank.

The landbased snapper scene is still roaring, it just has not slowed down and we experienced another lot of bag outs this week. John and Dylan filled their bag this week easily and mentioned the use of Shorecatch baits as part of their well deserved success. An arvo session down on the sand has proved to be a relaxing and enjoyable evening for all, with Veronika showing the boys that the girls can put in some serious work!

Squid have been fishing better and better as the weeks go by, and if you havent done so already now is the perfect time to stock up on jigs! Squid can be fussy at times and it can seem like only one jig will work, so make sure you have a wide range of colours and sizes in your quiver.

Although the salmon have been iffy this year, they are still sitting out on the usual offshore reef systems if you want to have a shot at them. Unfortunately we haven’t seen much of them along the metro beaches this year but the odd one has been popping up for the local beach fisho. Our work experience young gun Austin had a blast with a few mates last week getting stuck into a school with stickbaits on light gear.


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