10/10 Perth Diving Academy

I purchased  two shark shields last October and one has in the last couple of weeks stopped working. I contacted the dive shop which I got them and spoke to them about the problem I was having with the unit .I received a very negative response and was told it could be weeks before they were sent to be looked at as it was expensive to post them ,so I would have to wait until they had a couple of units to send .OK so the next day I drive down to Balcatta to return the unit as this is the shop I had purchased  the unit at, to find them closed .Well I was a little pissed to say the least. Any way headed down to Hillarys Perth Diving Academy to look for a new wet suit which I would have got at Balcatta if they were open. I was met by very friendly staff that were very professional and new there stuff, I got a new wet suit at a discount price and a new dive bag for Jesse. I asked the manager Troy Lane If he knew the number of the Shark Shield   makers so I could return it myself. He asked what was wrong with the unit and after I had told him .He said give it to me I will sort it for you .I received a call two days later telling me they had sent the unit back east and looked like I would get a new one .I just got a call this arvo to say the new one was in and waiting to be picked up .I will now be spending my money with  their shop ,it may be a little further to drive for me but I appreciate the friendly professional service Thank Perth Diving  academy .Troy and staff.


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Yep they are top notch

Mon, 2012-10-15 19:13

Buy all my gear from PDA Hillary's and recommend them for their training to anyone wanting a scuba ticket.

they replaced my dive computer under warranty approximately 12 months ago without any fuss



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Good and bad

Mon, 2012-10-15 20:59

 I always went there when it's  was Hillary's dive  and runny Carlo and franko , then bought out by PDA , tried using them two years ago , I put 4 tanks in for survey ,two regs and one Bc for service. And was charged  just under $500.00 which what I expected. And paid by plastic ,then I noticed that one can needed a new reg seal , which I thought would have been done whilst servicing  but asked the assistance for a new seal and then was told it was another  $ 3.00 if I wanted the seal changed ., go figure and walked out .