The 11th hour

 Gotta say the conditions werent that flash but with the forecast for the winds to drop off then pick up around noon we decided instead of looking further afield we went to hit our usual spots and try for a feed of kg and anything else that took a fancy to the baits . First drift we hardly had a nibble let alone a decent bite. 2nd drift same again but managed a just size lizzard that went back. Drift after drift was much the same with Sandy getting an undersize pink & dhuie ,1 skippy 1  sand whiting and a couple of wrasse that all went back to fight another day. I had a desent bite and i was on . Pulling a bit and then just dead weight all i saw come up was 1 cavernous mouth that belonged to a huge gurnard. Damn. Carefully removing the hook it went back . 

Drift after drift and lots of moving around trying everything we couldnt buy a fish. At around 11:30 we moved to another spot about a mile away and again nothing . 

By this time it was starting to get a bit windy and sloppy out there. Decision was made to make our way in . Heading back Sandy said lets just do 1 more drift in our area we were fishing before. Pulled up and set the drift and within a few minuits Sandy was on ,with a nice fight it had us guessing all the way up till a double header of nice kg. Dinner was in the esky . In the meantime my rod was getting hit hard. Grabbing the rod straight away i new by the fight another kg. Nothing else on that drift so went back to the start to try and get another couple of kg. No such luck but my line got taken and the fight had me guessing and then a nice size foxy came into sight . 

In the end it was hard going out there but got a feed. What more could you ask for. Dinner sorted for 2  nights in te fridge. 


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together

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 Patience paid off well done 

Sun, 2018-03-18 16:59

 Patience paid off well done



Tom M

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 yeah patience and lots of

Sun, 2018-03-18 18:15

 yeah patience and lots of frustration. got a feed and had a great day out anyway.


RUSS and SANDY. A family that fishes together stays together