139.25kg yellowfin tuna caught freediving!

Here's an article I cut out of the West Australian back in June 12, 1998.

I kept it simply because my reaction at the time waz along the lines of ".......faaarrrrkkkkkkk!!!!!"

In re-reading it over the ensuing years, my reaction hasn't changed one little bit at all.

A 139.25kg (307lb) tuna caught by a Perth bloke while freediving!

As anyone who has caught a tuna on rod n real knows, they simply go off. To have the fortitude to conquer a beast this size, and in this manner still belies belief in my book!

I reckon Greg is up there with the elite of any sportsman - extreme sports or other.

Have a read and let me know your reaction!





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probably still got fillets in

Tue, 2011-05-17 19:52

probably still got fillets in the deep freeze


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Tue, 2011-05-17 20:00


Greg has a bunch of WA records, have a gander through;



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Thanks for the links Till.

Tue, 2011-05-17 20:15

Thanks for the links Till.

Makes really interesting reading!





I just love Exmouth: Its a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem!

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Have you got a life????????????

Tue, 2011-05-17 20:47

You must be the most informative bloke I have ever had cyberspace contact about Till. Always instant links. This is not picking on you in anyway. It just blows me away. I thought as a Veteran I knew a few things but wow, I might resign from FW and let others like you take over some education that I enjoy passing on.

Where do you get all this instant info from.

Remember the post about Hlokk. I find your post amazing, and so fat with all the info needed.

Might call you "Rain Man" of the fishing world.

I dont mean this in any bad way but your knowledge astounds me, and that is either gathered on the H2O or from years off passionate study.



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Nothing that exciting, I

Tue, 2011-05-17 21:19

Nothing that exciting, I just recognised Greg from a few other pics on the forum ;)


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Tue, 2011-05-17 21:59

thats just amazingly insane!!!!! .....faaaarrrrrkkk



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198.00 kg estuary rockcod rottnest island?????

Wed, 2011-05-18 07:08

check out r.muirs esuary rockcod record taken at rottnest island in 1975 WTF???????

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Wed, 2011-05-18 07:39

52kg of GT- solid fish!

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budgie smugler

Wed, 2011-05-18 07:44

he is somewhat a bit of a spearfishing legend is greg pickering, and him and a handful of others are credited with pioneering spearfishing in wa, and even australia. he was a pro abalone diver on the south coast here for ages, but i think he lives back in his home state of south australia these days.


there was a write-up of him and that tuna in Ralph or FHM around the same time. that was what realy inspired me to start taking spearfishing more seriously.


he officially has balls of steel.

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Wed, 2011-05-18 08:19

i think his are classed as "boulders" LOL!!!

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Greg lives in perth when he

Fri, 2011-05-20 13:35

Greg lives in perth when he isn't Ab fishing, good diver, handy for getting stuck anchors and spears from ridiculous depths.

R. Muir refers to Bob Muir perhaps the best spearo this state has ever seen, only person i know to have shot coral trout south of cape Nato, he had a knack of finding lost fish.

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haha good old pickering, he

Tue, 2011-05-24 22:19

haha good old pickering, he holds the record for spanish mack and dogtooth tuna aswell, hes very very good diver, know by all in the spearfishing community, musta been one hell of a fight to shoot that beast