175hp V6 Yamaha Question

  Hi all , just a quick question im looking at bying a razerline with a 175hp V6 yamaha on here and was asking if any one has one and a round number how much fuel would you use ?and is there any problems that occur on the with them ??


 any info would be greatful thank you



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200 Yammy 2 Stroke

Mon, 2013-08-05 12:30

 Dont know if this helps or not but....

I have a 200 that is also a v6. it has plenty of power to push  my 6.5m walkaround fibreglass. It also drags skiiers and tubes out very easily.

Like all two strokes it does use about twice as much fuel as a fourstroke. Again it depends how I use it. If I stick on about 4200 RPM I am doing about 28 knots but if I wind it out to 5800rpm I am doing about 38 knots. Only 10 knots differfence in speed but heaps of difference in fuel burn, the extra revs will burn at least three times as much.

I am currently playing with different pitch props to get the best of all worlds.

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i have a 175 HPDI 2 stroke

Mon, 2013-08-05 12:42

i have a 175 HPDI 2 stroke Yammy that i dont think uses up to much fuel, but i havent tried out any other motor.

just an example, i went out for a full days fishing friday, moving around from spot to spot did approx 70km + in the day i used about half a tank which would be about 75 lites of fuel.

not sure how that compares to a 4 stroke.

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 We did 110km last Friday and

Mon, 2013-08-05 18:09

 We did 110km last Friday and I burnt 123L with a 225hp Honda 4stroke on a 7.5m glass boat.

I use about 21-23L form Hillarys to Thomson Bay


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 Thanks for the help ,so it

Mon, 2013-08-05 19:49

 Thanks for the help ,so it is just a bit of Slow Down and I would save a heap of fuel in the big picture ,we just carnt afford the 4 stroke just yet so it might be 2 years away 

 thanks again that info 



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I have a 175 Saltwater Series

Mon, 2013-08-05 20:36

I have a 175 Saltwater Series II on a 6.55 fibreglass.
Plenty of power but yes, as everyone has mentioned, they can be thirsty when opening them up.

I have a 250L fuel tank and if I pushed my luck I'd get three return trips to rotto. So on average about 80L round trip.

My problem is that I love the opportunity to wind it up (who doesnt like the sound of a 2-stroke at WOT) :)

Super reliable, easy on the oil and very cheap to service. Love mine.

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175hp V6 Yamaha Question

Tue, 2013-08-06 05:39

Thank you Lavs ,i think that is the exact one, salt water series on a boat the same size ,what would be an average in miles that you do Lavs to use that much ??


 thanks again         jeff

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Well I always leave from

Tue, 2013-08-06 21:42

Well I always leave from Matilda Bay, go down river to Fremantle and out direct to Rotto. That's about 20nM each way according to my calcs.

All the feedback I have ever heard on these outboards has been that theyre rock solid. That's really all that counts for me.

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 I have a the yamaha 175 v6

Tue, 2013-08-20 19:58

 I have a the yamaha 175 v6 on a 7m plate boat. I usually get 120l to 100km sits on about 4200 revs and does 25knots. Il keep driving it until it blows up always keep it serviced cant fault it.... Has 2500 hrs on it!!

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mine is a 80 hp

Tue, 2013-08-20 20:31

I have a 80 hp yamy on the back of my 5.3 meter northern fisher south west bank and back to point peron boat ramp for the use of 30 liters of fuel bloody good I think , I bought a razorline (when they were boat of the year) about 15 years ago and the deck cracked up and had corrosion problems cause I was in dampier I had to get a local to fix it (Mario Mangarno better known as mango) and no come back (help) from razorline

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Thanks luke and petermac

Wed, 2013-08-21 05:26

  i called up about the boat in question and it had been sold ,man i was kicking my self thats for sure so im back on the loook for another boat


 thanks everone for the comments



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175 Yamaha 2005 Series 2

Fri, 2020-05-29 19:28

 I am thinking of buying one of these to update my old Evenrude.  TheyYamaha has about 450 hrs and looks in good nik. I know they can be bit thirsty but looks to be a great motor if you get a good one. Big point me is are they noisy i dont want a loud motor. Any helop much appreciated.  



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If you don’t like a loud

Fri, 2020-05-29 20:12

If you don’t like a loud motor you have to spend the $$$ and go four strokes