200 hp johnson 4 stroke

 hey guys im currently looking at a 2006 johnson 200hp 4 stroke  low hours really nice looking outboard , i cant seem to find much info on them just wondering if any one had owned one and what their exprience is with them ? im pretty sure the are just a suzuki with white decals as in owned a 2004 johnson 140hp 4 stroke befor and it was an outstanding motor im sure these will be just the same . also does any know what the 200hp compressions should be sitting at as ive ive only had a 140 that all cyinders sat around the 180psi mark is 200hp ment to sit around the 210psi mark all with in 10% of each other ?

thanks for all your help guys 

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Google can be your friend. I

Tue, 2022-07-26 20:13

Google can be your friend.

I have a 140 Johnson 2006 model and your right about just a suzi . Not had a problem with it yet . Got it as a second hand


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 yeah cant even find much on

Tue, 2022-07-26 20:51

 yeah cant even find much on the 200hp johno on google ...

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Wed, 2022-07-27 06:47

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 as long as all cylinders is

Thu, 2022-07-28 20:13

 as long as all cylinders is within 10 percent u be right 

i dont worry about the reading to much

it si a white suzi as stated above

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Compression test

Fri, 2022-07-29 09:14

 Not all compression gauges read the same, especially the cheaper ones. 

If the measured compression is within ten percent, I wouldn't worry about the actual measured compression with the cheaper gauges.