2014 salmon vid


Just a small vid on south coast salmon , done just before easter, dont watch full screen , its a bit grainy , but

there is good footage of salmon right up against the shore hearding baitfish, oh watch for the bloody dog photo bombing thru out haha.

We just gave up catching them most days , they would appear around mid morning just before high tide of course and just hit

anything and everthing in the gutter, rubbers , poppers, lead head with no rubber , it didnt matter, every day after high tide , quadding along the beaches ,

it was littered with hundreds of dead herring, mullet, and asorted baitfish , all chased up by hungry salmon.

Its being a ripper year again along the south coast, a great asset to the fishers of W.A , take only what you need, and take all your rubbish out, thanks.



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Nice vid

Sat, 2014-04-19 07:51

Conditions looked great, couldn't miss at the end there!
Was that first hook up the first for the trip? Angler was keen, nearly flung their rig and fish clean out of the surf and at them! Not having a crack, do the same myself, first fish over every trip gets and over zealous hook set :)

Daughter's fish was a corker. Good on her fighting that in. Technique looked good too. Watch out she will out fish her dad soon.

Jealous, I caught the first of the run in Denmark, but the fish were the 40cm specimens, these look much more substantial. Rumour of some in perth might have to go for a look and see if I can get my fix!



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Salmon jaws on beach?

Sat, 2014-04-19 08:31

Yeah , thought that over zealous hookup was a good way to start the vid , kev did settle down after that haha,

we didnt measure any but wieghed a few bigger ones , some around the 5-6kg mark, some smaller around 3.5 kg.

Hopefully Perth gets a few this year, but reguardless I have a love affair with the south coast, a real jewel.




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was a nice vid quadfisher, i

Sat, 2014-04-19 10:17

was a nice vid quadfisher, i was waiting on the first hook up for a fish to come flying for his face lol haha all in all looked like you guys had a ball, that was a nice gutter and nice camp set up too how many people did you have camped up. i have never caught a salmon in my life i di love how they heard the fish on the shore then try to get to deeper water after the wave recedes lol.

good job mate




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Excellent vid mate, some

Mon, 2014-04-21 00:43

Excellent vid mate, some beautiful locations down there, definitely need to have a crack at that myself. Thanks for sharing