4 wheel drives

I recently saw a thread here about 4 wheel drives asking for experiences from owners as to what is a good buy. I am interested in reading the comments but cannot find it again. Can someone direct me please.....

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Mon, 2006-05-08 13:53

Yes, I took it down as I hadn't had any feedback and I saw an awesome program on the weekend which answered my questions.

Ultimately it was, If you were buying a 4wd, for long trips and around the city, would petrol, diesel or gas be more cost effective. Most long trips will be carrying a boat or a lot of weight on board as well.

The show on the weekend said diesel in new model cars is probably most cost effictive, even with city driving.


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Cost effective?

Mon, 2006-05-15 00:48

ya can't talk 4wd and cost effectiive in the same sentence or breath!
tis just not manly!
You have to suck it up, take a good ol deep breath and then in Tim Th Toolman Taylor style say "arrgghh arrgghh arrgghhh!" ;o)

Then you can talk 4wd's!
Cost effectiveness doesn't come into it!

Cubic inches comes into it - Horse power comes into it - exhaust note even comes into it! How much fuel it can carry comes into it! how big a hill it can climb comes into it - or how deep a hole it can dig to bury itself in comes into it!

But cost effectiveness? (sratch head, scratch head)?

Where does that figure in talking bout $wd's oops that should be 4wd's!

Personally, I believe, in a fuel crisis as we are facing at the meoment - we should thumb our nose at conventional wisdom!

At the very least you need a supercharged or if your a pansy a intercooled turbo charged Brunswich 6.5 diesel V8 at the very least in a big azzed Cruiser or (patrol if you must) wagon with lift kit and fuel tank the size of the exon valdeeeze!

Then you need to mount so many spotlights it melts tar into the next shire when you switch em on and night blinds the space station astronaughts!! ;o)

Lets not pussy foot around if we are going to do 4WD's - non a this panzy azzed butmuncher quasi 4wd's neither!

How can you give a Tim th' toolman taylor rendition of a "Arghh arrgghh arrgghh" over a rav 4 etc etc??????????

I dunno, I think maybe we'll need TWO forums for 4wds one for rev heads and one for wannabees! ;o)

Course - you MIGHT want to invest in a few million BP oil shares if you want to be able to afford to run these babys - but lets face it competiton to buy em ain't going to be strong in the middle of an oil crisis!

The idea of the biggest meanest diesel v 8 4wd you can get running on bio diesel might be the go! All you needs a few 1000's of acres of canola seed to brew your own biodesel and to hell with opec and their fuel crisis!

Then we can all 'upgrade' to humvees! ;o)

Make mine a F250 7.3 turbo dual cab please!, And er fillerup before I take delivery will ya! ;O)

Whats this world commin too when a man mentions "cost effectiveness" and "4wd truck" in the same sentence????????
Definitely mutually exclusive terms!
Bit like mentioning the words "military" and "intelligence" in the same sentence when everyone knows its an oxymoron!!

Definitely time for a change methinks!

Sometimes ya just have to make a stand and defy the polically correct thing to do of the times, and just go for broke and buy the biggest meanest gas guzzling 4wd on God's earth and live like theres no tomorrow!

As Billy Connollys jacket patch says - "too old to die young!"

Cheers...aaahh er "arrgghh arrgghh aarrgghh"!

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Funny bugger

Mon, 2006-05-15 09:33

You are a funny bugger at times Flywest.

How bout this for 'cost effective' - have you heard or done any reading on PEAK OIL ??


Take a read, or do an internet search on the 36,000,000 websites that exist about peak oil, running out of juice is only a matter of time.


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You just worked that out?

Mon, 2006-05-15 18:44


You are a funny bugger at times Flywest.

You only just worked that out Adam?
What peak oil crisis?
Theres more oil in Iran than ya can poke a stick at!
Tis only a question of time and we'll be in there ad the oil will be ours! And just like Iraq - oil prices will plummet!


You mean we invaded Iraq with all a that oil and prices didn't go down? (Scratch head). ;o)

Have no fear earthlings!

For the ol flywest M = Δ T fat gut theiorem promises as much free energy from the time domain as we get now from the domain of Mass (i.e splitting the atom / 'nukular' energy (to quote the shrub)

9x10^16 joules per second to be fairly precise!

Course Hubbard was doing it a hundred years ago - but no one wants to know about that! :rollseyes:


So just what is this ebergy crisi you speak of Adam?

Theres no energy crisis, - trust me, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk! ;o)

Nope - nows the time to run opposite to the crowds and buy up big on thumping big V8's diesels 4wd's while everyone else s quaking in their boots over the oil crisis!

Always run counter to the crowd! ;o)

People are getting record prices for houses etc, guess what - now's the time to be selling - not buying! ;o)

Liquidate - invest it in gold - $700 US an ounce is checken feed to where it's going when the Israeli's or the Americans or both invade Iran in comming months - then all bets are off!

Lifes good - eat now & pay later. sell sell sell property and by buy buy gas guzzlers and gold!

And not gold stocks either - thts only paper- nows the time for some precious metal holdings folks! Get the missus that new gold jewellery she's been hankering for!

Max out the credit cards, every last one of them, and get the good ol fashioned gold bars into the safety deposit box! the growth will outs trip interest!

Tis all about timing and the market, it's peaked and now tis gonan crash so don't go down with it - liquidate and hedge your bets in Gold!

Oil stocks won't be worth the paper they are written on after the crash and with the new energy technologys to come!!

Just remember - you heard it first here!

Shopping for the necessitys (new boats and BIG 4wd's etc) is a grand old time of life! ;o)

Wimmin and piano's are the same on a boat, upright they are OK - but flat on their back, they are grand! ;o)