CRAYFISH - overated?

I've eaten crays straight out of the pot and microwaved with a little sea water and it was quite tasty. I also have had crays caught by myself diving, put in an ice slurry then cooked on a bbq onboard and it was not too bad either.
But I've eaten crays from reputable Perth seafood outlets and was so disappointed at the taste it put me off eating them and even diving for them.
It leads me to come to the conclusion that crays, to me, have a strong taste and can be toughish and a bit stringy so why are they sort after so much by recreational fishers?

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i also think cray fish are

Sun, 2006-05-14 15:52

i also think cray fish are over rated, fish you can quite easily eat with out needing anything extra. How ever i find with cray fish i need to douse it in some sort of sauce before it becomes tasty.

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Aquired taste

Sun, 2006-05-14 19:57

Definitely an aquired taste - it takes quite a few before you can become fully "addicted", but once you have - let no man stand in the way between me and a cooked cray leg! ;o)

1001 ways to cook cray!
Now theres a sure fire way to a winner fishing book!

One of the nicest I ever had was cray tails halved in their shell, and layed cleavered side down into a large pan - filled with a couple canss of coconut milk and simmered until the tails were poached and the coconut milk thickened for the sauce!

Unbelievable - and with a little mangoe puree added to the sauce - to die for!

Eating them one cooked and frozen as supplied from the supermarkets etc...YUK!.

Nothing compares to fresh cooked!

Greta's secret pickeled cray isn't too bad at all!

Deep fried for lunch is kinda special to!

Ahh lets face it there is 1001 way to cook enm - nuked ain't even too bad in a pinch!

Overrated? Only when not done right!


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Hunter Gatherer

Sun, 2006-05-14 20:28

Crays are all part of the hunter / gatherer instinct. The male has to go and catch them either in pots or by hand and bring them home for the feast followed by the rewards from the missus for risking his life in huge swells to bring home a feed.

Barbecue crays in a lemon ,garlic and black pepper marinade with a chilled white wine rarely fails!! Go you good thing!! Crabs run a close second but are a bit fiddley as are the abalone.