4WD access Yallingup Gracetown info wanted

hi all heading down south at Easter is there 4wd beaches down that way  

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Thu, 2015-03-26 20:09

 heaps of surfing tracks mate. Surfed there for years, 3 bears guillotines, gallows, just drop into local surf shop, they should have amap of them all, othrwise if you go into thr communal kitchen at the yallingup caravan park there is a big map on the wall showing them all. Obviously dont fish where the boys are surfing as it could end badly for you but it gives you access to miles of coast line.

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In short now 4WD beaches,

Thu, 2015-03-26 20:36

In short no 4WD beaches, lots of access to the coast as mentioned by above poster. New track has been whacked into Guillotines, now the break is fairly packed

Just a heads up to people coming down on their Easter holidays chasing salmon & using the tracks to drop their psi & don't go dozing down any gates, fences etc. please

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Thu, 2015-03-26 21:10

to say the least.

Hamelin/Boranup is fairly well known and further south Deepdene which is bloody soft and difficult to navigate.

That's pretty much it for the Cape to Cape region without a permit. Every other beach access was closed 10yrs+ ago.

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 You surfing or fishing?

Thu, 2015-03-26 21:58

 You surfing or fishing? Mufflers is right in the middle of them and can be good for both. 

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Fri, 2015-03-27 11:39